Top 10 Best Dishes in Zaragoza

Zaragoza is the capital city of Aragon. It is a commercial city of arcades and boulevards. It has a lot to offer to foodies evident by the many cultural restaurants preparing sumptuous dishes. Below we discuss the top 10 best dishes in Zaragoza:


1)Migas Aragonesas

This is a simple dish that originated from shepherds who were venturing to obtain the best of what they had. Migas Aragonesas contains lamb suet and/or bacon and bread.


2)Asado de Ternasco de Aragon


A traditional dish profoundly rooted in Aragonese cuisine. The lead here is the young lamb (below 90 days old), which has various distinct preparations. All in all, the most popular preparation is the ternasco, roasted and served hot with potatoes.


3)Borrajas con patatas


For vegetarians, borrajas (borrage) are forever a preference, representing the empress of all vegetables. We could regard borrage an Aragonese vegetable since approximately 80% of the national production is from Aragon. It is a very soft vegetable, with amazing flavor.


4)Pollo al chilindrón


This dish originated in Aragon. The popular recipe of chilindrón comprises meat, normally poultry, with onion, peppers, ham, and tomato.


5)Bacalao Ajoarriero


Salted cod was longtime used in the traditional cuisine of regions that were landlocked(no access to the coast)and the freshwater fish caught there. Currently, it is a renowned dish, with a signature texture and flavor. The Aragonese version blends slices of fish with potato, egg, and garlic.

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6)Menestra de verduras


This dish has been served in Zaragoza for centuries to honor the broad variety of products produced in the Aragon’s gardens and farms. Menestra is a meal of vegetables, occasionally combined with an egg. At times the fresh vegetables are paired with bacon or ham. Multiple versions of this dish exist; nonetheless, all are delicious and worth trying.


7) Arroz con Leche


This dish does not have an established place of origin, as it exists in several parts of Latin America and Spain. Since both milk and rice are produced in Aragon as a region, this popular dessert was locally adopted. Milk is blended with flour, eggs, and sugar. This forms the deliciously creamy foundation into which cooked rice is then added.


8)Melocotón con vino


These are peaches macerated in red wine with cinnamon and sugar. Aragon Peaches are popular around Spain for being the sweetest. They are harvested in September and October. They have a pale yellow color. The cultivation is artisanal and each peach is handled with care by the farmers.


9) Turrón de Guirlache


This sweet dessert is the nougat of Zaragoza. Sweet almonds are coated in melted sugar and left to bake in this dessert of Arabic origin. It is traditionally prepared using black marble with Marcona almonds, anise, and sugar.




Ideal dessert of the Aragonese Holy Week. It is prepared from day-old, stale bread soaked in milk and well coated with sugar. A definitely delicious dish that entices with its simplicity.


This is just a few of the best dishes you can enjoy in the City of Zaragoza.